Self Love Yoga

30 minute self love yoga

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This is a perfect 30 minute self love yoga class for self care. Find a deep stretch and strength building routine that will get you feeling refreshed. Take this time to reconnect with yourself and take care of yourself so you can go on to take care of others.

Check in with how you’re feeling and connect with yourself.

This is a beginner level yoga flow that includes seated and standing poses. All poses are rooted in helping you to listen to your body and respecting exactly where you are in your practice.

Yoga can be an incredible tool for self care and this flow will provide you with 30 minutes that you can take care of yourself. You can practice this self love yoga flow in the morning, during the day, or in the evening. Just be sure to carve out some time to fill up your cup and help you be more present in the rest of your life.

Here is another great practice to help you stay grounded.

Our intention for this practice can be “I am loved”, “I deserve love”, “I am Love”. Don’t forget to subscribe to the BYF Channel and leave a comment about what practices you’d like to see! Thanks for practicing with me!

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