Root Chakra Yoga Flow To Get Grounded

malasana for grounding

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Join me as we flow through poses to get grounded and balance our root chakra or Muladhara! When our root chakra is out of balance we can feel stressed, anxious, fearful and worried. You can use this root chakra yoga flow to cultivate a feeling of stability, safety, self love and being grounded.

The root chakra is located at the bottom of our spine and is our connection to the physical world. The color of the root chakra is red.

Glands that are associated with the root chakra are the adrenals, kidneys, spinal column, colon, legs, and bones.

Through this root chakra yoga flow, we are building a sense of stability, security, and courage.

Our affirmation for today’s practice can be “I am grounded”, “I am steady and strong” or “I am exactly where I need to be”.

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