How to do Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

mountain pose tadasana

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Mountain pose is an important foundational standing yoga pose.

It serves as an opportunity to become grounded. It also provides an opportunity for pause while we transition between poses.

While this pose may appear simple, it requires a strong focus on alignment and posture. 

Mountain pose is a powerful pose in developing a strong mind body connection.

Standing still with proper alignment forces us to focus our mind on the present and experience the subtle movements and shifting of our weight. 

The proper posture and alignment created while standing in Mountain Pose also supports the proper flow of energy in the body. 

There are some subtle alignments we must maintain in order to fully experience the benefits of Mountain pose.

The best way to make sure we are fully aligned is to begin from our feet (base) and build up to the top of our mountain pose (crown of the head).

Sanskrit Name: Tadasana

Step by Step how to do Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

  1. Standing at the top of our mat with feet hip distance apart. Pressing down evenly throughout the four corners of the foot.
  2. Knees are in line with the ankles. Avoid hyperextending the knee by keeping a slight bend in the knees. 
  3. Aligning the hips with the knees, keeping the hip points pointing forward and maintaining a neutral position of the pelvis. 
  4. Elongate through the torso and relax the shoulders down. 
  5. Aligning the ears over the shoulders and shoulders in line with the hips.
  6. Bringing our arms out to our sides, rotating our arms so the palms of our hands are facing forward.
  7. Feeling ourselves grounding down through the feet and stretching tall through the torso.


If you are building up your stamina to stand for a longer period of time or are working on balance, use a chair or a wall for added support.


Once you have become comfortable with Mountain Pose, there are several arm variations available.

Extending the arms overhead reaching through the fingertips.

Reverse prayer hands – pressing the palms of your hands or the knuckles of your fists together behind your back. Option to hook thumbs if bringing the palms together is uncomfortable.

Benefits of Mountain Pose

  1. Improves posture
  2. Builds a mind body connection
  3. Relieves back pain
  4. Reduces flat feet
  5. Strengthens the legs
  6. Improves digestion and circulation
  7. Helps decrease anxiety


  1. Vertigo or dizziness – Because this does require standing for a period of time, if you are experiencing any vertigo or dizziness you should refrain from this activity.
  2. Low Blood Pressure – standing for a long period of time can cause those with low blood pressure to experience dizziness.

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