Flow and Stretch Yoga

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This 35 minute yoga class includes a combination of deeper stretches and strength building flows. Improve your flexibility while and building strength. This is a slow total body yoga flow appropriate for all levels.

In this yoga class you’ll begin on your back as we ground ourselves with some breath work.

Working through some gentle stretches of the hips and low back to begin before we rise and begin warming up the spine moving through cat and cow poses before we arrive in Downward facing dog.

We begin to flow and build some heat as we move through a vinyasa flow that incorporates some longer holds for increased flexibility.

Finally, we come back to the floor for some more stretching before we come to savasana, our final relaxation pose.

The combination of deeper stretches with heat building flows provides the body an opportunity to find more flexibility while still moving within your range of motion.

If you’re looking for another slow flow class, you can also try this 30 minute Slow Yoga Flow.

The intention for this class is “I am strong” or “I am enough”. Don’t forget to subscribe to the BYF Channel and leave a comment about what practices you’d like to see! Thanks for practicing with me!

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