How to do Child’s Pose (Balasana)

childs pose balasana

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Child’s pose is used as a resting pose in a yoga practice.

It is an opportunity to center the mind, the body and the breadth during your practice.

In a vinyasa class, an instructor may offer child’s pose after a strength building sequence.

Know that taking a child’s pose at anytime in your practice is always encouraged, as it demonstrates that you are listening to your body and giving it the break that it needs. 

Sanskrit name: Balasana

Step by Step how to do Child’s Pose

  1. Begin on your hands and knees.
  2. Bringing the knees and big toes together with the tops of the feet on the mat.
  3. Lower the glutes towards the heels.
  4. Low the forehead towards the floor, bringing the arms with palms up alongside the body.
  5. Relaxing into the floor, allowing the shoulders to release away from the ears and to widen. 


  1. Use a pillow between the seat and the heels to reduce discomfort in the knees.
  2. Rest the forehead on stacked fists or on a block.
  3. Separate the knees to allow more space for the torso. 
  4. If tops of the feet on the mat is painful, rest on the toes or place a blanket under the ankles for more support and comfort. 


Keeping the body folded and forehead towards the mat, extending both arms forward wider than shoulder width. Press the palms into the floor.

Benefits of Child’s Pose

Stretches the spine, hips thighs and ankles

Relieves stress

Relieves back and neck pain


Because this pose requires a deep flexion of the knee, if you have any knee injury proceed with caution.

If you are pregnant, you can create space for the belly by separating the knees wide.

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