30 Minute Flow – No Downward Facing Dog, Chaturanga or Plank

no down dog yoga flow

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This 30 minute yoga flow for beginners is all about building strength and flexibility. This flow is practiced without downward dog, plank or chaturanga.

Vinyasa flow is a great strength workout but it can really take a toll on wrists and shoulders. Overuse of the shoulders and wrists can cause injury. That’s why this vinyasa flow class is great to work on the lower body and switch up your yoga practice.

Even though this workout is mostly wrist free and hands free, there are times when you will be on all fours. Fists for wrists are given as an option.

I also make sure to provide lots of options to reduce strain on the shoulders, arms and wrists including hands on hips or at heart center.

You won’t need any props for this class.

Join me for this yoga flow 30 minute session for beginners.

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